Best Paint On The Market

Review: We had one of our chippers painted with your RustSeal to say that this is a great product is a under statement. I would recommend this paint to anyone who has outdoor equipment. Thanks for your Product!
Rating: 5

Fishing Lures

Review: I custom paint fish baits and the KBS DiamondFinish Clear Aerosol Spray is the best sealer out there for easy deal on my glide baits just make sure your in a well ventilated area I also use Diamond finish on non jointed baits uv protected the finish is amazing…thanks for putting out a awesome product!
Rating: 5

Clear Coat For Metal Surfaces

Review: Have been experimenting with Diamond Clear on various types of metal surfaces for yard art objects. I’ve brushed it on and also used the PreVal sprayer. I’m a novice so I’m learning a lot. Some types of metal allow for the coating to flow better than others, so I’ve found that thinning with Xylene is often needed. For the PreVal sprayer, I’ve found that thinning 40% or so works pretty good, depending on the metal surface and temp/RH, etc. Overall, the finish dries nice and tough and glossy.
Rating: 5

Totally satisfied with KBS Coatings

“I am very proud to share my gas tank restoration with KBS Coatings products. This tank belongs to a Roadrunner 73, gas tank with rust inside/outside, holes where the fuel was stored for several years.
I almost trash it, when I found KBS and I started to read reviews I wanted to see it by myself. Cleaner and sealing product are Just amazing. You can see the interior of the tank, and I also applied the product outside and then also I decided to apply regular Black paint onto the seal once cured.
Totally satisfied with KBS coatings!”

-Rodrigo G

Superior To Anything On The Market

“I have found your products to be superior to anything that is out there on the market. I have been doing restorations for over 30 years and found your products about three years ago and would use nothing but KBS. Thank You”

-Tom McCord, J & S Automotive

Rust Prevention On Tiger Cages

“Attached are some pics of our tiger enclosure we started to paint.These are the  enclosures the cats sleeps in overnight when the temp drops down to zero degrees. The paint works really well and seems to do a good job with keeping the urine off and preventing the rust that the urine causes.”
-Scott G @ Great Bend Zoo

RustSeal - Rust Prevention - Tiger Cage

Check Out RustSeal Here.

Floorpans – Before and After – Rust Prevention

“RustSeal flows out to a beautiful, rock-hard, tough ceramic-like coating that is tough to chip or scratch, and will not crack or peel.” -HPC Distributions

Before and After - RustSeal - Floorpans

Check out the KBS Rust Prevention System HERE.

DiamondFinish Clear on Fishing Lures

“Works perfect on custom painted lures. It’s as strong as epoxy and lighter adding to the buoyancy of the lure. Crystal clear and sandable. … I’m very pleased with this product and will be ordering more.” -Darmacor from Mobile,Al


Best Thing Next to Powder Coating

“Basically…. the product you make is the best damn thing next to powder
coating. I mean, its simple to use, looks nice and is very durable (the
price is right too!). I first used the KBS 3 step system somewhere around 7
years ago on a 70 coronet. Today, I’m having the hardest time removing the
original KBS coating to reapply it. The coating I applied looks as good as
the day it was applied. I love the awesome customer service and the fast
shipping that comes with every order. Can’t wait to do business with you in
the future!!!!!” -Conrad

Note: RustSeal is much more durable than powder coating which is why our customers choose it all the time over powder coating.

DiamondFinish Clear Is Excellent Clear Coat

“This product (DiamondFinish Clear) did an excellent job on the final coats to my motorcycle tank and covers. I did 14 coats of lacquer paint and clear. Then wet sanded and applied two coats of your clear coat. on the last coat my spray gun decided to leak, right in the center of the tank, one nice large drip. But as your site states the product is self leveling, I was amazed as too how much the drip leveled before it harden. I waited a couple of days and wet sanded the  remain drip out and applied two more coats of your clear coat finish. Came out real nice.
Nice product have recommended it to others!”